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Sylvestre’s Story

Sylvestre’s world crumbles as his father is thrown into prison, accused of the very deeds he risked his life attempting to thwart. Could something grow out of so much pain, guilt and bitterness to rebuild shattered lives and reconcile one time deadly adversaries? A documentary showing a hero’s turmoil; the cruel complexities of post colonial ethnic struggle, and the victory of forgiveness and reconciliation. In June 2011 Norman Halsall and Daniel T. Halsall travelled to Rwanda to film a docudrama video, designed to introduce local people to the necessity of forgiveness and reconciliation. We expect that the movie will be played on national TV in Rwanda, and would like to overdub it in the languages of the surrounding countries.

Arkwork gemaakt door:

Roald Schaap

  • Datum:

    oktober 2, 2013

  • Toegepaste media:


  • Klant:

    Cornerstone Foundation